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Quality Control
Beyond the accurate meaning, Medicalangues makes sure to render the proper style of your texts while complying with regulatory requirements.
In the Health field, amateur work is not an option. Therefore Medicalangues is counseled by Medical Doctors and Engineers during the proofreading stages. Telephone conferences with advisors are an additional step ensuring quality translations. This step is made possible if deadlines and rates allow it. Medicalangues is neither a “cut rate” translation service nor a service delivering translations “within the hour” in order to be able to produce quality work.
Every translation is proofread and edited several times thoroughly for both content and form and fully checked.

Medicalangues matches your page layout from a MS Word document. Inquire about the layout rates specific to paper format basis and PDF documents.

Medicalangues draws up a Terminological Database for each project systematically. It is the result of a strong collaboration and thorough research according to a logical research protocol: anatomy, physiology, pathology and pharmacology. This database is your guarantee for terminological consistency and compliance of regulatory requirements. Inhouse use or special order.

All your documents will be kept strictly confidential by Medicalangues.
  • A secret agreement may be signed on request.
  • Highly confidential documents are stored in a hacker-proof virtual safe
    Ultimaco SafeGuard® Private Disk.
  • Computer equipment is protected by an antiviral system updated every 3 hours to prevent data piracy.

Medicalangues is committed to honoring reasonable delivery dates for the assigned projects as stated on the corresponding written orders. What is a reasonable deadline for translation? Consider that one digitized page under Word format requires about one hour of work.

Cost Estimates and Rates
Medicalangues will provide free, same day cost estimates for you.
  1. Rates are based on the document to be translated.
  2. The document to be translated is sent to Medicalangues as an attachment to an email message for an estimate.
  3. Medicalangues is not an agency and does not subcontract entrusted work. Jobs are dealt with in order of arrival according to the principle “First In, First Out”.
  4. Medicalangues’ rates make it possible to produce quality work in a domain as sensitive as the medical field.
  5. They do not compare with rates by cut-rate price agencies compelled to translate high volumes on a “slapdash work” mode to reach the break-even point. Medicalangues aims for quality.
  6. On the basis of the documents received, a cost estimate is drawn up. The cost estimate lists:
    • - The document's title
      - How many pages were received
      - How many source words have to be translated
      - The duty free rate per word
      - The document’s format
      - The date and delivery mode.
  7. The translation project starts upon receipt by fax of the signed cost estimate.
Translation Samples and Tests
  • Translation samples are available free of charge on request.
  • Translation tests will be invoiced in like manner as translation projects.
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